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We know we can do that for you because we have done it plenty of times before. We are CPA qualified on-demand CFOs with years of experience running businesses.

The CFO thing is what we do, it's not just an add-on service for someone that does tax returns. On top of CFO for rent, you also get access to our business network: advisory board members, business brokers, excellent bookkeepers, great suppliers, potential accounts staff and IT experts. You also access to our seriously impressive network of clients and entrepreneurs. And we really enjoy cross-pollinating the ones we think are cool. And we only work with the cool ones these days.

CFO's don't actually have to sit at a desk and add bits of paper up anymore. We have some sexy BI tools that makes that stuff easy. The real value is getting us to organise things in a way that can help you the most. And then to make sure your information stays relevant for you by keeping a seasoned eye on things for you.

At T2 Consult, we have all done our time in senior finance roles with some of Australia's biggest companies (for Anna the whole world), and we have all worked with some of the countries best business leaders on the shop floor. More importantly though, since then, we've done the hard yards with innovative and growing companies. This is where it's happening. 

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Nice Things People Say

  • Justin Etheridge

    CEO at Time Out Australia (now New York)

    "Thomas has made a massive difference to the Time Out Australia business and vindicated our decision to go with a CFO for hire! Careful, calm and thoroughly professional – just what a founder of a fast growing media business needs. In a short period we have re-engineered our reports into meaningful financial summaries, including how we capture the performance of particular business units and satellite cities. With Thomas’ support we have also fully integrated our CRM and accounts systems, creating new efficiencies and levels of accountability in the business."

  • Cameron Barrie

    Founder of Bilue

    "Thomas is pivotal to the success of our company. His experience, insights and ability to assist via direct consultation has made a huge impact on our bottom line. Streamlining our processes and having us understand how to make more efficient use of our clients and our talents."

  • Rod Hore

    Founder of HHMC

    "Thomas is one of those rare people you meet that provides enthusiasm and capability for building uncomplicated processes and procedures that add value, are robust and utilise great technology. When that is wrapped up with his CFO's skills and experience, he supports business owners and makes a positive difference to their businesses."

  • Michael Rodrigues

    CEO of Time Out Australia

    "Thomas brings big business best practice to small medium enterprise in a way that makes sense, is capable of implementation and most importantly, delivers results."

  • Brent Quincy Buchanan

    Founder of The Grindhouse

    "We first approached Thomas at T2 Consult to help us set up systems for our production company. Within a few sessions we were up and running. His knowledge and passion for finance, and business as a whole, is infectious. In a short period of time he brought value to our business."

  • Nigel Harse

    Founder of The Rib Report

    "We have referred Thomas to a number of clients where he has stepped in and assisted, as an interim CFO, as a project specialist and most recently on a number of occasions as a Xero guru. His deep knowledge of Xero, along with a comprehensive and hands on understanding of the financials that make a business tick, ensures he brings real objective value to the table. We really enjoy all of our interactions with Thomas and have absolute confidence in recommending him to others. He is one of those rare people you meet that provides enthusiasm and capability for building uncomplicated processes and procedures that add value, are robust and utilise great technology."

  • Ben Webster

    Founder of Insvrance.com

    "I've been working with Thomas to develop a complete set of financials for a new investment round for our startup. He's met every brief perfectly and well ahead of schedule. He's also developed a new model we'll use for the next 5 years of our business. Seriously impressive."

  • Clint Slater

    Foundr of Dance Studio Owners Association

    "It’s great to have someone that is independent, someone that’s not a business associate or with a similar type of business that I can bounce things off. Thomas prepared a financial model for my business. When we catch up we use it to test ideas and see how we think changes I make will impact the bottom line of different income streams. Working with Thomas has been invaluable to the growth of my business as well as my development as the CEO if the company."

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